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Read what some of our filmmakers have to say about their experience working with Indie Rights...


Mark Lund

"In my search for a distributor, none were as honest, transparent, and professional as Indie Rights. After reviewing dozens of distributors, it was Indie Rights’ positive reputation among filmmakers and clear and concise contract terms that was the deciding factor in our signing an exclusive worldwide contract with them. No sooner did we sign and the team at Indie Rights got quickly to work on the film assets we needed to deliver and methods on how to market our film and find an audience. Following their guidance, the film was released in over sixty countries on numerous platforms. With the film quickly trending, it didn’t take long for us to break even on our investment, but to return that investment twice over. Make no mistake about it, filmmaking is a hard business, and the release and marketing of a film requires just as much dedication as making it. But with a solid distributor like Indie Rights, once you find your audience and market to it, a filmmaker has every opportunity at success. I know, it was achieved with First Signal." 


Director, First Signal

Scott Altman

"My experience of working with Indie Rights has been second to none. Linda, Michael and team are extremely well organized and will do everything within their power to distribute independent projects that they take on. I highly recommend that any independent filmmakers out there, who are without distribution for their projects, get in touch with the team and start capitalizing on their work. Indie Rights are transparent with all information shared and ensure filmmakers they collaborate with are kept up to date with the rapidly evolving industry which is vital to your success. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed."


Director, Red Carpet

Jane Merrow

"Thank you so much for this...your support is terrific.  Sales reps in our industry have often created the wrong reputation, with their business are the gold standard, for the way, in which they all should operate."


Actress, Writer, Producer

Michael Starr

"We were introduced to Linda and Michael during a time of uncertainty.  We were in the process of reviewing a distribution deal, which seemed a little too familiar based on discussions with my colleagues who had industry horror stories;  The Filmmaker sits idly by while the distributor recoups thousands of dollars before the filmmakers ever see a dime… and most of them never will.  


Linda and Michael answered all our questions without reserve and with complete transparency.  We were ultimately convinced this was the best place for our film.  There were no hidden costs, no recoup, or marketing attendance costs. On the contrary, Indie Rights covered my admission to the AFM market in Santa Monica. I am happy and pleased to say, our award winning film, Cicada Song has found its home.  


Cicada Song is currently streaming on several major platforms in 68 countries, has developed a worldwide fan base, and after our first quarter we were able to begin paying back our investors.  No other distributor we have encountered delivers as much to their filmmakers as Indie Rights Movies, especially the independent filmmaker. 

So… If you have the patience and YOU are willing to put the work in for the success of your film, Indie Rights has the tools; a guide to properly marketing your film on social media to help find and reach your audience, a community of like-minded filmmakers who are there for one another, and the ability to get your film on MAJOR platforms.  Linda and Michael are available every step of the way to help you get your film to your audience."


CEO Homunculi Artists

Writer-Director-Producer, Cicada Song

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