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Indie Rights, a subsidiary of Nelson Madison Films, is a full service, global distributor with direct relationships to major distribution outlets.  Based on the experience of it's founders, Linda Nelson and Michael Madison, the need for a new type of distribution for truly independent films is evident.  Thousands of great independent films are made each year and never find an audience.  They play at film festivals all over the world and are never discovered by the sales agents and distributors that frequent only the top tier festivals such as Sundance, Toronto  and Cannes.  These festivals used to be filled with fresh original voices from new talent, but now act as marketing vehicles for "classic divisions" of major studios or showcases for already established actors, directors and producers.  Film Markets like AFM and Cannes are too costly and complex for most independent filmmakers to attend, but Indie Rights attends AFM and Cannes as an Exhibitor and can represent your film to international buyers.  We are also members of IFTA, the International Film and Television Alliance, the primary global distributors trade association.


Our global distribution contract is filmmaker-friendly, returning 80% of all revenue earned to the filmmaker. We charge no up-front fees or expenses, provide transparent quarterly reporting  and we work with all our filmmakers to educate them about the use of the most innovative marketing and social media tools available for marketing independent film.  We also support a private group of filmmakers that are committed to supporting each other.


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"We are indeed fortunate that Indie Rights discovered Druid Peak  and it could not have found a better "distribution home". They truly foster their films and filmmakers. Linda Nelson and Michael Madison are passionate and professional in every aspect of their business. They could not be more responsive, and constantly educate their filmmakers on what it takes to achieve successful distribution. It is a very personal relationship, with no question too trivial for their expert attention and response. Their endless patience with us as first-time filmmakers was and is remarkable.  Thanks to Indie Rights Druid Peak has had a well-received theatrical premiere, successful DVD and streaming release and some very exciting pending International deals. We are so very grateful and look forward to working with them on future film projects. I enthusiastically recommend Indie Rights!"


Maureen H Mayer

Executive Producer

Druid Peak Film

"As the writer/director/producer of 10 documentaries and 1 low budget feature film, I have invested a tremendous amount of time into understanding the film distribution business. Several years ago I was lucky enough to come across a podcast with Linda Nelson on the Film Specific site ran by Stacy Parks. Between Linda and Stacy I learned a tremendous amount about the rapidly evolving world of film distribution. I contacted Linda and Michael Madison of Indie Rights and they began distributing one of my films... 3 years later they are distributing 5 of my films and they are close friends of mine. Linda and Michael are truly two beacons of light in the murky world of film distribution. Indie Rights is manna from heaven for...I was going to say independent, but... they are manna from heaven for anybody looking to sell their film. Tech-savvy, engaged, and (above all) honest - Michael and Linda have become not only my distributors but my close personal friends. In the rapidly changing landscape of film and video, having Indie Rights as your distributor is the smartest decision you can make. Oh, and by the way, they've paid me a lot of money and they are the only distributor I've ever had that sent detailed accounting reports. So there's that."


Alan Bradley aka Al Profit


Killing Jimmy Hoffa

"Since Day One, I have felt complete confidence in and satisfaction with Indie Rights.  It has really been a highlight and pleasure in the long journey to get my film made and "out there" in the world to be a signatory with your company.  Indie Rights offers great support services and communication with filmmakers, and I know that you are all out there working to get the most eyes on your indie projects.  i have urged independent filmmakers who ask me for advice to seek online distribution of their projects with your company.  They couldn't do better than to do business with Indie Rights. You are without question the best distributors we've ever had for our films.  You are honest, always responsive, and do an excellent job in getting the films out to as many markets as possible. You've also created a real community of Indie Rights filmmakers via social media.  We truly appreciate your efforts very, very much."


Walter Dominguez

Weaving The Past

Indie Rights, you and Michael, are without question the best distributors we've ever had for our films.  You are honest (apparently a rarity in this business), always responsive, and do an excellent job in getting the films out to as many markets as possible. You've also created a real community of Indie Rights filmmakers via social media.  We truly appreciate your efforts very, very much.


Judith Voglesang

Stone Harbor Films


  • We pay our filmmakers 80% of all revenue from the first dollar earned.
  • We pay quarterly.
  • We give detailed reports quarterly.
  • We are not an internet startup
  • We have no investors.  
  • We have no debt.
  • We pay the following market expenses: Cannes Film Market, American Film Market.
  • We have built a powerful, private community of Indie Rights filmmakers, who support each other with reviews, case studies, company news and marketing tips.
  • We actively market our films on social media.
  • We actively market our films in the top Buyer databases like Cinando and The film catalog.
  • We encode and deliver our films directly to each platform, outlet or buyer, with the exception of AppleTV as they must be delivered through a proprietary delivery service.
  • We publish a new catalog of our films twice annually.
  • We never give our movies away for free.  It may be free to the public, but we are getting paid by the platform/advertisers.
  • There is no guarantee that every distribution outlet will accept your film. Platforms are curated. 
  • We do not do not finance films.



  • Limited Theatrical - available for select films
  • Cable - Time Warner, Comcast, DirectTV, Dish
  • TV - Streaming Hybrids - Pluto, YouTube TV, Sling
  • UHD/4K - Roku, FandangoNow, Samsung, LG and other SmartTVs
  • Retail DVD/Bluray - Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, FYE, Amazon and forty other Online retailers
  • TVOD (Paid Transactional) - iTunes, Vudu, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, FandangoNow, Hoopla, Vimeo
  • SVOD (Subscription) - Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, YouTube Red, ConTV, Dove, Netflix (for films with names)
  • AVOD (Ad-supported) - Hulu, TubiTV,  Docurama, Pluto, Crackle, ROKU Channel
  • International Sales - We have an Exhibitors Office at AFM and Cannes and have established relationships with foreign buyers.  We distribute our films in more than 100 territories globally. Current titles available for buyers can be seen on Cinando or The Film Catalog.

Getty Images at our Red Carpet Premiere for DRUID PEAK and FRAY
Getty Images at our Red Carpet Premiere for DRUID PEAK and FRAY

One of our newest DVD releases.

"I signed a "traditional" deal for my movie, She Wolf Rising, with a "traditional" distributor.  Four years later they had not made one sale and my film was no where to be found. I eventually got the rights back to my feature and gave my movie to Linda Nelson and Michael Madison of Indie Rights. Within a matter of months, my movie became available on every major digital platform and it's having it's DVD release next week.  Not only have they gotten me placed, but they have a been a tremendous resource for marketing tips and one-on-one help. Linda  literally holds my hand as she guides  me through, step by step of what and how, I need to set up my social media marketing to maximize our exposure. I have only positive things to say about Indie Rights, its owners and the services and support they offer me as a filmmaker."


Marc Leland

She Wolf Rising